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  • This is the most important thing I've ever done. Marion Moir Newport, OR

  • "I came to Samaritan for mainly one reason: my co-residents. It really does feel like I have known this group for a long time and I feel completely at home with them, not to mention the amazing attendings and work staff. This program provides the perfect place for me to learn not only the necessities, but also to expand my OMT skills and let me follow personal interests through my training." Justin Bruno

  • I first noticed the importance of mental health resources after my Marines returned home from Fallujah, which was the worst battle since Hue City, Vietnam. That experience positively changed how I debriefed my Marines after missions during my two deployments. As the Veterans Navigator with Samaritan, I meet with veterans every day and see the impact Mental Health First Aid can make. I believe through education we can help eliminate the stigmas associated with mental illness and provide mental health care on the frontlines. Kyle Hatch

  • I felt safe and well taken care of at all times. It was very pleasant and the best hospital experience I've ever had. The staff was caring and helpful.

  • I was really concerned. His heart failure had weakened him so much. When he can't breathe or sleep well at night, it makes everything worse. I know the sleep center is very busy, but they got us in so quickly and the personnel there were the kind of people you can only hope will take care of you when you need help.  -Spouse of Samaritan Sleep Disorders Center patient

  • Physical, mental and emotional health are so interrelated as to be inseparable. Volunteering at InReach has led me to a greater appreciation of my good fortune. I am exposed to people in need and to great people who provide service as volunteers. I always get back much more than I put in. It’s great to be involved in a public service that improves the lives of those around us. Dan Bedore InReach volunteer

  • Made a lifetime difference. Kind, compassionate and personal care was over the top.

  • The staff at The Arts Center in Corvallis know about art's curative powers. The center's work since 2003 with cancer, dialysis and mental health patients at Samaritan Health Services hospitals has taken off, providing patients with a chance to make art, working with professional artists to enjoy live music in the hospital and to participate in creative writing programs. The Oregon Arts Commission

  • “This is the best gym I’ve seen in Albany.” These are the words of Will Murphy, a wide receiver with the Philadelphia Eagles, who grew up in Albany and graduated from West Albany High School. Back home for a month at the beginning of 2015, Murphy came to SamFit Albany on the recommendation of several friends, and he liked what he saw. “I’m impressed with the free weights and squat racks. A lot of gyms today just focus on the machines. It’s hard to do the conditioning the coaches want us to do, just on the machines, so it’s great to have the free weights at SamFit.” He was also impressed with how easy the SamFit staff made it for him to join. “I asked them if they’d let me join just for a month, and it was no hassle.” Looking for a gym? Look no further than SamFit, Murphy said. “They have new equipment, a lot of open space and high-quality people to take care of you.”

  • I had a good outcome because of the competent care I received at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital. But another part of that was the comfort of being here in my home community. To look out the window while I was in ICU and see the ocean where my grandchildren play and surf and sail and fish. To have people you know in the community who are also your caregivers. To be able to have normal conversations with staff about something other than your medical care. We weren’t just surrounded by competent nurses, we were surrounded by friends. That’s one of the things you really feel at a community hospital, and it’s special. Kathleen Grady

  • I took bits and pieces of broken scraps of clay and formed them into art - just like my life has been broken, I know it can once again be beautiful in a different way. Patient Participant

  • I believe that good health care is one of the most important priorities in our communities.  As a Samaritan Society member, I am proud to be a part of a group of donors from across our region who support our local hospitals at a significant level. Steve Uerlings

  • I retired after 25 years from The Boeing Company in Seattle in 1997. At age 55, my husband and I moved to the central Oregon Coast, and I felt a real void in my social life being new in the community, and not knowing a soul. I started volunteering and have made so many friends in the past 15 years, four of which have been at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital. I think volunteering and keeping active really helps to improve your wellness and health. It also keeps you young and gives you an opportunity to give back to others in your community. It’s a win-win situation! Carole Jackson Auxiliary volunteer

  • Education makes a huge difference. I learned this is not a death sentence, and that it doesn’t define me. It’s been life-changing in a good way. Vicki Stevens Albany

  • The food is delicious, the staff is wonderful and I love all of my neighbors here. Beverly Kitchin Wiley Creek Resident

  • "I love the community/family feel of the program. Residency is tough for any specialty, in any location. Here in Corvallis you can focus on learning because you know you’re supported by a great group of residents and faculty." Jessica Sanders

  • The people were great, from the housekeeper to the hospitalist.

  • As longtime residents of Albany and part-time residents of Lincoln City, our lives have intersected with Samaritan Health Services for many years. As we started to think about leaving a legacy, we were first drawn to help with the Samaritan Evergreen Hospice House project and have since become aware of the critical importance of Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital in meeting local needs. It is very rewarding to see our contributions put to use locally and to make a difference in the lives of our own community. Steven and Jerri Tubbs, Samaritan Society Members

  • I felt safe and well taken care of at all times. It was very pleasant and the best hospital experience I've ever had. All of the staff were so caring and helpful.

  • The mission of the Mario and Alma Pastega Family Foundation is to lend a helping hand by giving back to the communities that have supported our successful businesses. Our family is privileged to play a role in making the Samaritan Pastega Regional Cancer Center a reality. Through this, as well as other important projects and programs we support, we aspire to cultivate a passion for giving back in the next generation. Ken Pastega

  • My friend Pat Burrell has been a volunteer at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital for several years. She kept telling me how rewarding it is to volunteer here, so I decided the time was right to join her. It’s as rewarding as she said it was! The people here are so friendly with such positive attitudes. Peggy Sweet SLCH volunteer

  • Everyone was so respectful, helpful and kind. I had a wonderful stay and everyone was wonderful to my family! I can't thank the staff enough.

  • "Samaritan Family Medicine was my top choice for residency because of the outstanding vibe I got and continue to feel everyday from the amazing faculty and fellow residents who are drawn to this place. Natural beauty, truly an outdoor enthusiast's playground, is the backdrop to an osteopathically distinct family medicine residency program with strong inpatient and outpatient training that was the perfect fit."  Andrew Smythe

  • Care and communication are always excellent.

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