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Our Commitment to Safe Health Care

Your health and the health of the communities we serve are our top priorities and we are here and ready for all your health care needs. While  patient safety and the highest levels of cleanliness have always been the standards at Samaritan, some practices have been enhanced per state and federal COVID-19 recommendations. 
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Quality & Safety, Our Top Priority

Clinical quality, safety and patient experience are always at the top of our minds. For that reason, Samaritan Health Services is focused on improving processes and measuring the quality and safety of our health care, physicians and facilities to ensure the greatest possible outcomes.

We gather data about patient outcomes and satisfaction and assess our patient safety records. We then compile this information through independent resources and make it available to help you be confident you’re receiving the quality care you need and deserve. The more informed you are, the more you inspire and drive us to always improve.

We are proud of our collaborative environment, which enables hospitals, clinics and physicians to share best practices for effective care. The nature of the Samaritan network allows for patient-centered efforts and practices to continually be reviewed and improved.

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Our Quality Ratings

Hospitals are rated on a wide variety of quality measures by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid. The overall rating shows how well each hospital performs on average compared to other hospitals in the United States. Hospital ratings range from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest quality rating.

Samaritan Health Services is committed to providing patients and community members with the highest quality health care possible. To see our hospitals’ current star ratings and compare to other hospitals in the area, please visit Hospital Compare. Please note that data on Hospital Compare is approximately six months behind.

How Does Samaritan Make Quality & Safety a Priority?

All Samaritan hospitals collect and report information on the care we provide, as required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid. We support the release of information about health care quality to the public to help educate our communities and raise the bar for medical performance. 

For common conditions that hospitals treat, there are quality measures from the Oregon Hospital Guide. There are evidence-based measures that have been proven to ensure the best outcomes for patients. For example, giving a heart attack patient an aspirin has been shown to improve the chances of a good outcome for that patient. This is recommended for all heart attack patients, which means hospitals are rated on this activity. The goal would be for a hospital to give aspirin to heart attack patients in 100% of cases. It is our goal to reach 100% for every measure.

All Samaritan hospitals and many of its clinics are accredited by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid-approved accrediting organization. We are always working on a variety of quality and safety projects to ensure high quality and safe care for our patients.

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Patient Satisfaction

We are committed to providing quality care for you and your family. We also want to deliver that care with respect and the high level of personal attention you deserve.