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Building Motivation Together

Matt Umberger’s survival was just the beginning of his long journey to recover from a life-threatening case of COVID-19. Matt hopes his story will help others take preventive measures to stay healthy.  Read Matt’s story.

“When I came home from the hospital one of the hardest things to do was to get from the car to the couch.”

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“The fact that I am alive and able to continue on like I did before the accident is not lost on me.”

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Building Perseverance Together

Kent Emry defied the odds and regained his adventurous lifestyle after hyperbaric oxygen therapy helped him recover from a serious accident. Read Kent’s story.


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Move Words into Action

How can you participate in making our community healthier? Whether it is teaming up for a cause, eating vibrantly, laughing often or being adventurous in your exercise, use this magnet to help you find the words and take action. Your healthy phrases can be an inspiration for us all.

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