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Background image: Doctor Mullins with veterans

Veteran-Friendly Employer

We greatly value the work ethic, discipline and commitment to teamwork that veterans bring. Led by a President/CEO who is a veteran himself, Samaritan Health Services became the first health system on the West Coast to sign a contract with the Army Partnership for Youth Success program (PaYS). PaYS connects military personnel with potential job openings just before their enlistment ends.

Samaritan’s core values are excellence, respect, service, integrity, stewardship, compassion and leadership. Veterans embody these same standards while serving our country and can use their military skills and training to contribute to our mission of enhancing community and individual health in our region.

Additionally, Samaritan recognizes that veterans may face challenges while transitioning back into a civilian workplace. To help with this, we provide training and support during that transition.  

Meet some of our veterans, front row: Christina Myers, Army Reserve; Larry Mullins, Marine Corps; Sheila Sullivan, Navy. Back row: Ben Watts, Army; David Jones, Air Force; Scott Balzer, Army.

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Overview of Important Employment Policies 

Equal Employment Opportunity

Samaritan Health Services is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants. Pursuant to its policy Samaritan Health Services makes decisions involving employees and applicants on the basis of job-related criteria, independent of an individual’s gender, race, color, national origin, citizenship, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability or any other status protected by law. This includes decisions involving hiring, job placement, transfer, promotion, compensation, benefits, training and hospital-sponsored programs. Its support for equal employment opportunity is prominently posted in the workplace. 

Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace

Samaritan Health Services is a drug and alcohol free workplace.  We conduct post-offer drug screening on candidates selected for hire.  A positive result for the presence of marijuana, whether medical or recreational, will prohibit candidates from employment.


Samaritan Health Services’ nepotism and reporting relationships policy prohibits a direct reporting relationship between relatives or partners.

Know Your Employee Rights