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Coastal Hospital Employee Takes Advantage of Local Recreation

Kelsey Lovejoy, RT (R) (CT), is a Lincoln City, Oregon, native — and proud of it. After moving away to Portland for school and then to Chicago to complete her education as a radiological technologist, she was more than ready to return to her hometown and the lifestyle she loves.

"I really came to appreciate Lincoln City after being away and experiencing larger, very urban areas,” said Lovejoy. “This place just fits who I am – I’m all about the outdoors and taking advantage of the many activities you can do here."

Lovejoy is an avid kayaker, loves to jog on the beach, hike with friends and enjoys crabbing, hiking and deep sea fishing. She takes her two young children to the beach to look for treasures, hunt for glass floats and watch beautiful sunsets. They also go to the wonderful city playgrounds often and visit the community center to swim at least once a week. To keep up with her packed schedule of activities, she works three 12-hour shifts at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital.

"I love being an X-ray/CT technologist,” said Lovejoy. “I get to be part of the healing process with patients. It’s very rewarding.”

But for Lovejoy, one of the best aspects of her work is that it never outweighs the other parts of her life.

"When I leave work, I’m done and ready to focus on other things that make me happy,” explained Lovejoy. “I’m so lucky to have flexibility in my work and great benefits that provide a lot of paid time off for me to do the things I love."

Lovejoy appreciates the sense of family and closeness with her co-workers that comes from working in a small hospital — her hometown hospital.

"I grew up in this area, so I get to be there for people I know in their greatest time of need and make them feel more comfortable,” said Lovejoy.


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