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Salary Information

PGY 1 $56,310
PGY 2 $58,620
PGY 3 $61,705
PGY 4 $64,795
PGY 5 $67,395
PGY 6 $70,200

General Benefits
As employees of Samaritan Health Services, residents are eligible to participate in the following benefit plans: Medical, dental, prescription, vision, life and disability, long-term care, FSA/HSA, wellness program, employee assistance programs and retirement plans. Coverage will begin on the first day of the month following employment.

Malpractice Insurance
Samaritan will provide, at no cost to the resident, the required professional liability insurance while participating in the program. The professional liability insurance provided does not cover activities outside the program, i.e. moonlighting.

Leave Time
Residents receive 20 days of paid leave each academic year along with Oregon Sick Leave accrual. Residents are also allowed two half-days for wellness purposes. Please see resident handbook and program-specific requirements for further details.

Medical License
Graduate Medical Education will reimburse residents for the cost of a limited license obtained from the Oregon Medical Board of Examiners.

Graduate Medical Education will reimburse the fee for a full DEA license.

CME Allowance
For interns, Graduate Medical Education will reimburse for your COMLEX/USMLE Step 3 exam (approximately $850). In addition, each intern receives a $500 stipend for educational purposes. Other classes receive a $1,000 stipend per academic year for educational purposes.

Membership Dues
Costs associated with required membership dues will be paid by Graduate Medical Education or your specific residency program.

Additional Benefits
Each resident will be provided with a Samaritan-issued laptop for work use during the residency/fellowship, two white lab coats and an alpha numeric pager.
Housing will be provided while on mandatory rotations in the Portland area.