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Rotation Schedule

The academic year consists of 12 blocks. A sample of the cardiology fellowship curriculum is listed below.

Block Year One Year Two Year Three
1 Cardiology Wards & ICU Cardiology Wards & ICU Cardiology Wards & ICU
2 Cardiology Wards & ICU Cardiology Wards & ICU Cardiology Wards & ICU
3 Cardiology Wards & ICU Elective Echocardiography Stress testing
4 Cardiology Wards & ICU
Nuc Med & Research Cardiac Catheter Lab
5 Cardiology Wards & ICU
Echocardiography Nuc Med & Research MRI/CT and Device Clinic
6 Echocardiography
Nuc Med & Research Electrophysiology
7 Echocardiography
Nuc Med & Research Electrophysiology
8 Echocardiography
Elective Elective/Research
9 Echocardiography
Cardiac Catheter Lab Nuc Med/Research
10 Cardiac Catheter Lab Cardiac Catheter Lab/MRI Nuc Med/Research
11 Cardiac Catheter Lab
Electrophysiology Vascular/Research
12 Cardiac Catheter Lab
Cardio/Thoracic Surgery Congenital Heart Disease-UCD

* ICU is included in all cardiology ward rotations.
* Includes five weeks of congenital heart failure experience as UC-Davis.
* Cardiology Continuity Clinic will take place a half day per week throughout the three years.

Didactic Components

The clinical experience will be supplemented by a structured didactic program that comprises the core of the Cardiology Knowledge curriculum. Academic progress is charted throughout the year with the American College of Cardiology sponsored In-Service Training Exam as well as in-service questions based on didactic lectures throughout the year.

Didactics are comprised of:

  • Faculty led lectures
  • Weekly cardiac catheter conference
  • Attending lectures
  • Monthly M&M
  • Echocardiography conferences
  • Nuclear conference
  • Journal Club
  • Mayo Board Review as one hour board review each week

Clinical Components

Clinical experience is rigorous with a focus on the delivery of excellent patient care in an academic setting. Hospital ward experience consists of month-long rotations within the cardiology service. Fellows get experience caring for patients as well as managing a team of residents, interns and students. Patient care is emphasized with responsibilities commensurate with level. Advanced cardiology care in complex cases of heart failure, arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, as well as structural disease including valvular heart disease, are encountered extensively.

Weekly outpatient clinic affords fellows an opportunity to follow hospital based patients through the phases of outpatient care as well as a pertinent introduction to outpatient cardiology practice in general. Coordination with primary care and good communication skills are paramount and emphasized.

Procedural Experience

With an outstanding volume of procedural cases, ECHOs and EKGs, we are able to afford fellow with Level II COCATS training in ECHO, nuclear and cardiac catheterization. Ability to sit for high-level boarding within cardiology fellowship to acquire testamur status in ECHO and nuclear are available for the highly motivated fellow.