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Rotation Sites and Schedules

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship is designed to provide a solid foundation in child development, psychopathology, neurobiology and child and family treatment modalities. We provide half day per week didactic programs taught by specialists in their fields. Within our basic didactic structure we have flexibility to integrate additional specialty topics of interest for our fellows.

Rotation sites include:

Samaritan Mental Health Family Center
Samaritan Pediatrics
ABC House
Benton County Developmental Disabilities
Children’s Farm Home
Corvallis Boys & Girls Club
Corvallis School District
Jackson Street Youth Shelter
Linn County Department of Health Services Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Linn County Juvenile Department
Linn County Mental Health
Old Mill Center
Providence Health & Services Pediatric Neurology

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Rotation Block Schedule:


13 Blocks:
Outpatient Samaritan Mental Health Family Center 35%
Linn County Mental Health 20%
Samaritan Pediatrics CL 10%
Didactics & Supervision 10%
6 Blocks:
Normally developing kids: Boys and Girls Club 5% (1 day per month)
Homeless youth: Jackson Street Shelter 5% (1 day per month)
7 Blocks
Juvenile Justice at Linn County Juvenile Department 5 % (1 day per month)
School Consult: Corvallis School District 509J 5% (1 day per month)
5 Blocks:
Developmental Disabilities: Benton County Health Department 5% (1 day per month)
Crisis team 5% (1 day per month)
3 Blocks:
Linn County A & D 20% (1 day per week)
3 Blocks:
Old Mill Center Day Treatment Preschool 20% (1 day per week)
2 Blocks:
ABC House - Abuse Evaluation and Treatment 20% (1 day per week)

 PGY 5

13 Blocks:
Outpatient Samaritan Mental Health Family Center 10%
Didactics & Supervision 10%
7 Blocks:
Residential Treatment Children’s Farm Home 80%
2 Blocks:
Pediatric Neurology 80%
1 Block:
Forensics: Children’s Farm Home 80%
3 Blocks:
Electives 80%