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Comprehensive Training for Competent & Compassionate Patient Care

The mission of the Internal Medicine Residency Program is to train competent and compassionate internal medicine physicians. We are a community-based program that aspires to train well-rounded physicians prepared for inpatient, outpatient and subspecialty careers.

As an ACGME accredited Internal Medicine Residency, we espouse this vision:

  1. This program transforms medical students into physician scholars who care for the patient, family and a diverse community; develop appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes; and establish a foundation for continued professional growth.
  2. The professional development of the physician, begun in medical school, continues through faculty modeling of the effacement of self-interest in a humanistic environment that emphasizes joy in curiosity, problem-solving, academic rigor and discovery.
  3. Residency is physically, emotionally and intellectually rigorous, and requires longitudinally-concentrated effort on the part of the resident. Likewise, the program is committed to the well-being of its residents, faculty and all members of the health care team.
  4. Residency education is experiential, with the essential learning activity being the interaction with patients under the guidance and supervision of faculty members.
  5. Residency education is predicated on graded and progressive responsibility; residents gain experience and demonstrate growth, which allows them greater independence in exercising their skills for patient care.
  6. Residency education must occur in the context of a learning environment that emphasizes safe and quality care rendered to patients by the residents.

SHS Internal Medicine Residency started as an AOA accredited program in 2009, and became initially accredited by the ACGME in 2016. Our sponsoring institutions is Samaritan Health Services in Corvallis, Oregon, which is the primary site of learning. We comprise 27 residency positions, nine per year in a three-year program.  

Curriculum & Didactics

Learning Objectives

The residency program is both hospital and clinic-based training in the comprehensive care of the adult patient. We focus on health promotion, disease prevention and care of acute and chronic health concerns in the adult population. Our program goals align with our sponsoring institution’s (Samaritan Health Services) mission of Building Healthier Communities Together.

Our residency is a competency-based education, with these six competencies:

  • Patient care
  • Medical knowledge
  • Systems-based practice
  • Professionalism
  • Practice-based learning and improvement
  • Interpersonal and communication skills

These competencies are well-defined in the ACGME Internal Medicine Program Requirements. Learning primarily takes place through patient care in various rotation settings.  Additional resources that aid in learning include MKSAP, UpToDate, ACP Resident Board Review, didactic academic half-day and the resources of the Samaritan Library System. 

Residency training is primarily an educational experience in patient-centered care. The educational efforts of faculty and residents should enhance the quality of patient care, and the education of the residents. At least one-third of the residency training must occur in the ambulatory setting and at least one-third must occur in the inpatient setting.  (IV.A.1.b.)

Each rotation has goals and objectives which the residents review at the beginning of a rotation. These goals and objectives are specific to each educational level.

Residents receive formative and summative evaluations related to these competencies in accordance with ACGME requirements. These include evaluations after each rotation, evaluations from their continuity clinic faculty, mini-cex evaluations quarterly and semi-annual evaluations by the program directors.  The clinical competency committee charts each resident’s progress at least every six months.

At the completion of training, residents are eligible to sit for the AOBIM or ABIM certification boards.

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Faculty & Residents

Our residents are dedicated to the vitally important field of internal medicine.

Our faculty are mindful and attentive, providing comprehensive hands-on experiences and an excellent didactic program. We are fortunate to have a large group of committed and excellent practitioners dedicated to educating the next generation of internal medicine physicians.

Meet the Program Leaders

Sugat Patel, MD
Program Director

Christopher Small, MD
Associate Program Director

Shannon Foster
Program Coordinator

Featured in the photo to the right are our program’s leaders: Christopher Small, MD; Shannon Foster and Sugat Patel, MD.

Meet our Internal Medicine Residents

What Our Residents Say

“My residency at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center was a very rewarding experience. I was exposed to metropolis level of pathology while working and living in a small town. I appreciated the availability of staff and attendings, as well as the close cooperation with specialists. I enjoyed my experience so much that I decided to stay on as an attending.” - Tony Townsend, DO

"Samaritan Health Services’ Internal Medicine Residency did an exceptional job of training me to be prepared for all aspects of being an effective physician. Through my residency I participated in the diagnosis and management of multitudes of pathologies, learned excellent medical reasoning, developed leadership skills, and made long lasting relationships with peers. I planned on coming here only for residency but because of the amazing environment I’ve now been here for eight years. I would have no hesitation to make the same choice again.” - Nicholas Brown, DO

"I really enjoyed my time at Samaritan. I started off as a medical student doing my clinical rotations and spending several months here made it my first choice for residency. The attendings are interested in your learning and are constantly striving to make you a better physician. One of my favorite things about it was that it had the small-town feel that you knew everyone, yet large enough that we take admissions from all around Oregon. And because we have most specialties, we are the main referral hub. By the end of my time, I had seen a wide array of different things. Because it is a smaller program, your voice is heard and they listen to our suggestions. It also allows you to have a one-on-one relationship with your attendings and fellow residents.” - Brittany Olson, DO

Communities We Serve

Our Internal Medicine Residency features a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum with a wide spectrum of hands-on clinical experience. Samaritan’s Internal Medicine residents welcome their own patient panels at clinics throughout the mid-Willamette Valley.

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Explore Our Region

From the Willamette Valley to the central Oregon Coast, our region offers beautiful landscapes, endless recreation and many wonderful cities to call home.