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We have a team of psychiatrists and psychologists that work with our residents, including:

Tim Blumer, DO

James Douglas, MD  

Tania May, PMHNP

Dara Mitchell, MD

AJ Williams, PhD

Jaimie Yung, MD

Katie Middendorf, PhD

Joel Yost, DO

Kyle Cothran, MD

Ben Lafferty, MD

David Hart, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

Vanessa McDonald, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

Sydney Lefay, DO (Adjunct Faculty)

James Phelps, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

Cynthia Marske, DO (Adjunct Faculty)

Mike May, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

Cindy Smith, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

Anne Gross, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

James Koved, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

David van de Lindt, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

Greg Zarelli, MD (Adjunct Faculty)

Jay Wung, MD (Adjunct Faculty)