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The psychology postdoctoral residency program at Samaritan Health Services abides by APPIC policies for postdoctoral training. Applications must be submitted by Dec. 5, 2022.

The program at Samaritan Health Services abides by the APPIC standards, policies and selection procedures. Samaritan Health Services is an equal opportunity employer and it is the policy of Samaritan Health Services that all employees are able to work in a setting free from all forms of unlawful discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race, color, religion, gender (sex), national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or retaliation. Additionally, the psychology residency program strongly values diversity and this value is explicitly reflected in multiple areas of the residency including efforts to recruit and retain diverse interns and staff members, create an inclusive and affirming work environment, and effectively train residents to skillfully navigate individual and cultural diversity issues within all aspects of their professional lives. 

Applications must be submitted by email to the Director of Clinical Training, Terra Bennett-Reeves, PsyD, at: by Dec. 5, 2022. All complete applications are collected and reviewed by a subset of core supervising faculty to determine its overall qualification. Current residents may also be involved in application review provided there is no conflict of interest. Review of applications may also include other supervisors on the Training Committee as needed.

The selection of postdoctoral residents is based on a committee rating of applicants’ qualifications. Those qualifications are evaluated utilizing the following criteria:

  1.  Be in good standing with their clinical or health psychology doctoral program (copies of transcripts must be submitted for review).
  2.  Have completed or will complete their predoctoral internship prior to anticipated start date for their residency year. The internship program must meet APPIC standards or be APA/CPA-accredited. Applicants should also be in good standing with their internship program.
  3.  Have obtained or will obtain their doctoral degree in health psychology or clinical psychology with a health emphasis (PhD or PsyD) from an APA/CPA-accredited graduate program prior to the anticipated start date of residency. 
  4.  Have a breadth of previous clinical experience with an emphasis on health psychology, with more weight given to those at an advanced level. 
  5.  Three letters of recommendation are required, with at least one from a primary internship supervisor.
  6.  A letter of interest is required:
    a. Identifying communities of interest for the SHS residency year and commentary on goodness of fit for these sites. This may also include evidence of multi-cultural, psychological knowledge and/or interest, or proposed contribution to program based on diversity and cultural competence from personal experience.
    b. Describing distinguishing characteristics, accomplishments and maturity, that separate the applicant from their peers.
    c. Providing commentary on “goodness of fit” with the described program, including long-term career goals.

All interviews will be conducted virtually during recruitment for the 2023-2024 training year. Qualified applications are invited for a virtual interview where they will meet residency program staff and psychology supervisors. Those not chosen to interview are notified by email regarding this decision as soon as the decision has been made.

The residency program follows a policy of selecting the most qualified candidates and adheres to principles espoused by APPIC and APA.

Applicants are rank-ordered based on their interest in the program’s stated clinical services, the population served and the above-listed criteria. The application review process is made as objective as possible by utilizing a 10-point scale for rating prospective residents that considers their education and academic standing, clinical interest and training experience, professional and academic endorsement, and letter of interest.

During the onboarding period, residents are required to complete a pre-resident health assessment (which includes a drug screen) and obtain required liability coverage prior to the first scheduled clinical rotation. Residents will also be required to be approved as a candidate for licensure by the Oregon Board of Psychologists (OBOP), and have their supervision contract approved by OBOP prior to the start of residency. The Assistant Director can assist in this process. More details on this process can be found with OBOP online.