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A Broad-based, Osteopathic Internship

Our Traditional Rotating Internship is a one-year post-graduate program. It is designed as a broad-based general program to expose graduates to various specialties prior to their selection of a residency program.

Our program adheres to the American Osteopathic Association requirements and incorporates osteopathic principles and practices into each rotation.

Curriculum & Didactics

The traditional internship curriculum includes participation in each of the following services:
Emergency medicine
Family practice
General surgery
Internal medicine
Surgery subspecialty

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Director & Interns

Our interns are naturally curious about cutting-edge, compassionate, evidence-based medicine.

Our faculty draw on an large base of medical knowledge and personal insights to provide a well-rounded traditional internship.

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Explore Our Region

From the Willamette Valley to the central Oregon Coast, our region offers beautiful landscapes, endless recreation and many wonderful cities to call home.

What Our Interns Say

“From administration to faculty, attending physicians to physicians you run into, they treat you with dignity and respect and you feel like you’re a member of the team.” - Timothy Zielicke, DO