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Opportunities for College Students

We enjoy partnering with colleges and universities around the Northwest to provide students with educational work experiences. College students make up Samaritan’s largest and most diverse group of students, covering the full spectrum of health care delivery.

Internships and Practicums 

Students interested in completing a course required internship or practicum for academic credit must contact Professional Development with the details of their request. Every attempt will be made to secure an experience, however placement cannot be guaranteed. If a placement is secured, Professional Development will provide specific directions on completing the clearance process below. The clearance process can take up to 30 days to complete. Please plan accordingly; you will not be able to begin your experience until you are cleared. 

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an activity that allows students to explore various professions in healthcare. This is a short-term experience, offers no academic credit, and is hosted by professionals to help students gain an insider’s view of a career field. The experience is limited to 24 total hours and participants may not actively participate in delivery of patient care or engage in independent duties. The submission deadline of this request must be a minimum of four weeks prior to the desired date of the experience. Incomplete or improperly submitted applications will not be accepted. Students interested in this opportunity can complete the College Job Shadowing Application. OSU students must submit the application through Handshake, the OSU Career Development Center job board.

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Step Two: Health Testing

Please review and complete the Health Testing Guidelines & Checklist. Documentation must be provided for all immunizations and tests.

Step Three: Background Check

Please complete the Background Check Consent Form and submit with payment in order to be processed.

Background Check Consent Form

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Step Four: Drug Screen

Please review the Drug Testing Protocol & Procedure in order to successfully pass a ten panel drug screen.