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Are You Interested in an Exceptional Educational Opportunity?

Samaritan is proud to partner with schools around the Northwest to provide a variety of clinical rotations, internships/externships and practicum placements for academic credit.

Eligible applicants must apply 45+ days in advance and be attending a school program with an existing clinical affiliation agreement.

Applications submitted less than 45 days, or without an existing clinical affiliation agreement, will be declined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility, Process & Timeline

Student eligibility requires the following:

  1. Currently enrolled in a school program that is covered under an existing Clinical Affiliation Agreement with Samaritan Health Services.
  2. The student experience is required for credit or degree attainment.
  3. Application must adhere to the posted minimum notice requirements.
Once your application is received and eligibility determined, Samaritan’s Student Services will work to find/confirm an eligible preceptor for your experience. Upon preceptor assignment, a confirmation email will be sent to the student indicating the onboarding steps that are required to obtain clearance. Once onboarding is complete, the student and preceptor will receive the clearance email authorizing the experience to begin. Student Experiences are not allowed to begin without the clearance email.
Students applications vary in complexity and timeline. Generally, we attempt to match eligible students with a preceptor within 45 days of receiving an application. An email will be sent to the student to confirm a placement and provide next steps for onboarding.
Yes. Clearance emails are specific to the requested student experience and do not carry over from one experience to the next. Upon confirmation of the placement, an email will instruct you on which steps need to be satisfied for onboarding.
Yes. A placement request form and all associated documents are required for each student experience.

Yes, Samaritan employees participating in student experiences must meet eligibility, onboarding and clearance requirements.

Yes. To be eligible for a student experience with Samaritan Health Services, an application and all associated documents are required.
Samaritan Health Services is currently requesting all students and faculty submit evidence if fully vaccinated against COVID-19.