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Welcome to Your Student Experience at Samaritan!

We are excited to have you join us in our mission to provide our communities with the best health care experience available. Our team is committed to serving our patients with PRIDE – passion, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence. These values are an important part of what makes Samaritan such a wonderful organization, whether you are an employee, volunteer, student or patient.

Before you start, we recommend you complete a few short trainings and orient yourself to some of Samaritan’s available resources. These trainings and resources are located below and should help you to feel better prepared for your student experiences.

Online Orientation

This webpage is not meant to be a complete orientation - your clinical preceptor and schools faculty will play a central role in that experience, but it will help to get you started. If you have any questions, please reach out to your school’s faculty or to Thank you for all your dedication and hard work, and welcome again to your student clinical experience at Samaritan Health Services!    

Training Videos & Resources


Using PolicyTech to find all Samaritan policies (not available outside the Samaritan network)

Patient Care in a Profiled Environment (requires Adobe Flash, not available outside the Samaritan network)

EPIC Inpatient Training Videos (not available outside the Samaritan network)

Other Resources

Hospital Cafeteria Menus (not available outside the Samaritan network)

Emergency Quick Reference Guide (not available outside the Samaritan Network)

Frequently Asked Questions

Students will be responsible for their own meals. Meal breaks should be coordinated with your faculty lead/preceptor. The menus for Samaritan cafeterias are available on the SHS Insider, on any Samaritan computer connected to the network.

Please do not move furniture within the cafeterias as they have been strategically set up to maximize physical distancing.

Students and faculty are expected to wear their own PPE in the parking lots, upon entry, within the facility and upon exit of any Samaritan facility for as long as Executive Order No. 20-27 (ORS 433.443, ORS 431A.010) remains in effect.

Samaritan will provide PPE related to patient care.

Faculty will be provided with each student’s log-in credentials once the cohort is cleared to rotate through Student Services. Please check with your faculty to securely receive your log-in credentials.

Samaritan does not provide lockers or storage for students. If it won’t fit comfortably in your pockets, we advise you not to bring it into the facility.

Samaritan does not provide student ID badges. Students are to wear their school-provided ID badge at all times during their clinical experience.