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Giving Your Time Has Many Positive Benefits

Each year, many people provide thousands of volunteer hours at Samaritan Health Services hospitals.Volunteering has many benefits including giving back to your community, helping others, gaining experience and building interpersonal relationships.

They give in many ways. Just a few are listed below:

  • Clinical & non-clinical department support 
  • Coffee cart
  • Greeter
  • Gift shop
  • Flower delivery
  • Pet therapy

Samaritan volunteers can be men or women, from teens to senior citizens. They can give their time a few hours a week.

Background image: A young volunteer talking with the receptionist in Newport Oregon.

Volunteer Programs

Volunteers play an important role at Samaritan Health Services, and we are grateful to each of our dedicated volunteers who spend their time at our facilities. Their efforts bring forth great appreciation from patients and staff.

Visit the Volunteer Program page to learn more about being a hospital or hospice volunteer.

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Patient & Family Advisory Councils

Since 2015, Samaritan has engaged patients and family members through our Patient & Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) to improve quality, patient safety, and health outcomes. Our PFACs are a collaboration of solution-minded patient and family advisors with our clinical staff and leadership. We focus on transforming the culture towards patient centered care and deeply value the perspectives and expertise our patients and families provide. This is an incredible opportunity to partner with our local community.

We are actively recruiting new Patient and Family Advisors for our hospital and clinic PFACs. Community members who have been a patient or have had a family member receive care from one of Samaritan’s five hospitals are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in becoming a patient/family advisor at your local hospital or clinic, complete the online application or email us at You can also download and submit a paper application to join a local council.

I retired after 25 years from The Boeing Company in Seattle in 1997. At age 55, my husband and I moved to the central Oregon Coast, and I felt a real void in my social life being new in the community, and not knowing a soul. I started volunteering and have made so many friends in the past 15 years, four of which have been at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital. I think volunteering and keeping active really helps to improve your wellness and health. It also keeps you young and gives you an opportunity to give back to others in your community. It’s a win-win situation!
Carole Jackson Auxiliary volunteer
Physical, mental and emotional health are so interrelated as to be inseparable. Volunteering at InReach has led me to a greater appreciation of my good fortune. I am exposed to people in need and to great people who provide service as volunteers. I always get back much more than I put in. It’s great to be involved in a public service that improves the lives of those around us.
Dan Bedore InReach volunteer
My friend Pat Burrell has been a volunteer at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital for several years. She kept telling me how rewarding it is to volunteer here, so I decided the time was right to join her. It’s as rewarding as she said it was! The people here are so friendly with such positive attitudes.
Peggy Sweet SLCH volunteer
I really enjoy volunteering in Cardiac Rehab at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital. I feel like I am making a positive contribution to the overall health and well-being of the community. I always have opportunities to learn new things and interact with others in a very positive way. The people I work with are great, and I think my volunteer work provides me with an opportunity to spend quality time with patients.
William Hutmacher Cardiac Rehab volunteer
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How Else Can I Help?

One of the rewards of giving is knowing you helped build a healthier community. Each year you’ll find hundreds of our friends and neighbors giving to Samaritan hospitals, foundations and services in Oregon. By doing so they enrich our mission, our communities and themselves.

If you can’t give your time or talent, consider making a charitable donation.