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Welcome to Samaritan Albany General Hospital Preoperative Clinic

The Samaritan Albany General Hospital Preoperative Clinic provides communication, education and care for patients prior to their upcoming surgery.

With the primary goal of optimizing patients for their procedures, the clinic will play a crucial role in ensuring an optimized and smooth surgical experience for each individual. This includes:

  • Obtaining past medical history.
  • Screening for common medical problems.
  • Coordinating with surgeons for comprehensive testing.
  • Initiating additional treatments as needed.
  • Patient and family education resources.

The preoperative clinic works closely with several departments, including primary care, pharmacy, sleep medicine, cardiology, geriatric medicine, cardiac and pulmonary rehab and nutrition to provide care plans, referrals and additional resources. This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive and coordinated care for patients throughout their surgical process.

Patients will be directly contacted based on health risk factors and the type of procedure they are scheduled for.

Visitor Information

Samaritan Albany General Hospital Preoperative Clinic Department of Samaritan Albany General Hospital 631 Elm St SW Suite 202 Albany, OR 97321
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.