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The Best Place for Healing  

Samaritan North Lincoln Home Health can be a comforting resource if you or a loved one is homebound, recovering from an accident or illness or dealing with the long-term effects of an ongoing health concern. You can call on us when you need special assistance with your health care. 

Contact Information

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Samaritan North Lincoln Home Health 3011 NE 28th Street Lincoln City, OR 97367
Weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Home Health Services

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Our specially skilled team of health care professionals can meet a wide variety of health care needs. 

What can we help you with in the home setting? 

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy for strengthening or regaining lost functional ability
  • Medical social work to assist and coordinate local resources and long-term planning and financial burden 
  • Nursing care, including:  
    • Wounds
    • IV medications and maintenance
    • Patient and caregiver education
    • Feeding tubes and catheters
    • Post-operative surgical site
    • Unstable medical conditions
  • Shorter-term home health aides for personal care

Learn more about Samaritan Home Health Services and the conditions we treat.

Convenience you Deserve

The health care team at Samaritan North Lincoln Home Health looks forward to working together with you, your family and your health care provider to develop a home health care plan that best meets your needs. Your safety and well-being is our top priority. We encourage you to be involved in your care and to speak up when you have questions or concerns.

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Reasons for Home Health Care

Here are some questions as you consider if home health services are right for you or a loved one. 

  • Are you living with chronic conditions, such as COPD, diabetes, congestive heart failure, kidney disease or high blood pressure? 
  • Are you recovering from surgery or a serious medical event, such as a heart attack or stroke? 
  • Do you need help with wound care? 
  • Do you need help understanding and managing your medication? 
  • Do you have dietary requirements? 
  • Does your treatment progress need to be monitored?
  • Do you have mobility challenges or are you afraid that you may fall?

Did you Know?

Medical professionals: We can provide evaluations, assessments, referrals and recommendations for your patients.