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Welcome to Samaritan Physical Rehabilitation Specialists - Lincoln City

Wellness is within reach!

Samaritan Physical Rehabilitation Specialists in Lincoln City is a supportive and dynamic team of physical, occupational and speech therapists, assisted by a professional support staff. Together we can guide you back to health and well-being following injury, surgery or illness.

Our therapists see patients in a comfortable and well equipped outpatient setting conveniently located at the south entrance of Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital. We also meet the rehabilitative needs of patients who are admitted to the hospital.

Whatever your situation, we offer the personal, caring and professional attention you need to function at your best.


Samaritan Physical Rehabilitation Specialists- Lincoln City 3011 NE 28th Street Lincoln City, OR 97367
Weekdays Hours:
7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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Our Services

PHYSICAL THERAPY is the treatment of a condition by physical means.

It can help improve your mobility, reduce pain and optimize your physical function. Physical therapists are highly educated and licensed professionals who will examine you and provide an individualized plan to improve your strength, range of motion, endurance, flexibility, balance and movement quality. Your therapist will teach you how to manage your condition for long-term health benefit.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY provides an overall plan to help you achieve a maximum level of independent living.

It helps you perform your daily activities more comfortably and efficiently. You may need occupational therapy if an illness or injury has disrupted your ability to care for personal needs or participate in work, school, family or community life. Treatment may focus on ways to adapt or the use of equipment to help you maintain optimal safety and independence.  

SPEECH THERAPY is more than just helping with language difficulties.

A speech-language pathologist can evaluate and treat individuals who have difficulties with speech sounds, language, voice, swallowing, memory, problem-solving or attention issues. Your speech-language pathologist will develop a personalized treatment plan to help maximize your communication, swallowing or thinking.