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Find Answers to Common Questions Before a Consultation

If you have additional unanswered questions, request a free consultation with our friendly team or call our office at 541-768-4370.

Our cosmetic surgeries are priced to include anesthesia time, facility costs, and the surgeon’s fee. The final cost will depend on the procedure and the time that it takes to perform. After a free in-office consultation with Dr. Havard or Dr. Day, you will be provided with a cosmetic surgery price quote.

Once you receive your price quote it will include the following:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Operating room fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Miscellaneous items needed for your specific procedure (i.e. implants, bra and garment)
  • There will be no charge for your pre-op consultation or any related post surgical follow up visits for one year

Financing at a competitive interest rate is available through HealthFirst Solutions. You may apply by telephone and approval can frequently be obtained on the same day. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 

Recovery times will depend on the operation you have. Pain will frequently be resolved by the end of the first or second postoperative week. There may be restrictions to activities such as heavy lifting, exercise, or swimming. These may last as little as one to two weeks or as long as four to eight weeks with routine recovery. If available recovery time might be limited for you, please contact our office and we can provide an approximate amount of time off needed for the surgery you are considering. 
Currently, both Dr. Havard and Dr. Day operate at the main operating room as well as the new Ambulatory Surgery Center at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, and also at the main operating room at Samaritan Albany Hospital in Albany. 
Surgery scheduling can depend on a number of factors including the time of year and current consultation and operative schedules. At less busy times of year, elective surgery can often be booked within several weeks of your initial consultation. If you have a specific time frame in mind to pursue surgery, please contact our office and we will do our absolute best to book you for the dates you request. 
The number and frequency of follow up visits will vary based on your operation and your recovery course. Follow up will frequently be on a weekly basis for the first one to three weeks after surgery. With routine cases, you will likely come back monthly for follow up visits until recovery is complete after which follow up visits will be on an as-needed basis. 
This will depend on the procedure. Incisions will require time to heal. Submerging an incision in water with bathing, swimming, or soaking in a hot tub can soften or weaken a healing scar. You may be asked to avoid soaking an incision for anywhere from two to eight weeks after surgery. 
This will largely depend on the type of surgery you have, the progress of your recovery and the distance you will be traveling. Short distance travel within 100 miles by car can often begin within two to three weeks from the date of your surgery. It may be recommended to postpone long distance travel until you are fully recovered, sometimes as long as one to two months with routine healing for larger operations. If you are considering traveling soon after your planned surgery date, contact our office for an estimate of the required recovery time you will need before travel.

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