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Opioids: A Growing Epidemic

The use of opioids and opioid overdose is an increasing issue across the nation, with extreme affects being felt close to home.

To combat this growing epidemic, Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services has been awarded a three-year federal grant in East Linn County, making Narcan more readily available to community members. In addition to Narcan kit distribution, efforts will be focused on enhancing prevention through educational means and support efforts through various community partners throughout the region.

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Help Save Life, Get a Narcan Kit

Arm yourself with a life-saving tool that could help an individual survive an opioid overdose. Narcan is an easy-to-administer, nasal spray.

It’s important to know that Narcan only works on a person who is experiencing an overdose related to opioids. The effects are temporary and medical attention should still be sought.

Pick up a Narcan kit today:

Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services 
111 N Main St.
Lebanon, OR 97355
541-451-6388 or 541-451-7439

Community members can also talk to their local pharmacy about Narcan and how to acquire a kit.

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