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Current Capital Fundraising Campaigns

We invite you to learn about Samaritan Foundations’ current capital fundraising campaigns, including how you can play an important role in supporting health care services in our region.
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Experience How Your Support Makes a Difference

We encourage you to take a moment to experience the 2019 Samaritan Foundations Annual Report, which features stories and photos of the meaningful impact your support has made over the past year. 

We Welcome Your Input

The report includes a brief online donor survey. We hope you will share your feedback to help us provide the best possible donor experience.
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About Samaritan Foundations

Did you know? Samaritan Health Services has five different foundations throughout the system. Our foundations play an important role in meeting the health care needs of the community by funding facilities, equipment, services, education and compassionate care. We work together to provide innovative medicine and world-class quality in a way that supports the values of the communities we serve.

We work together! The Samaritan Foundations team works across the system. From our local fundraisers to our coordinated central operations team, we are all working toward the same mission. When you make a gift to one of our Samaritan Foundations you can trust that your gift designation will be honored.

Below you will find stories to learn about the wonderful things happening in each of our communities thanks to support from people like you.

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Our Giving Programs

The Samaritan Foundations offer giving programs that span across all of our foundations and communities. Learn more about our giving programs and how we recognize our generous donors who collaborate with us to build healthier communities together.

What Our Donors Say

Our donors play an important role in helping improve our local communities. They are inspired, compassionate and generous people and organizations who care deeply about those around them. Hear from a few of our donors about why they are a part of Samaritan Foundations.

Estate Planning

If you’re looking for a way to support our mission and plan for your future, Samaritan Health Services has sponsored an estate planning website that can serve as your toolkit for building your philanthropic investment portfolio. For more information, please contact your local foundation for a personal visit.
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Give in a Way that Suits You

Samaritan Health Services and the Samaritan Foundations have many opportunities to get involved. If you are interested in helping us build healthier communities, here are some of the other ways you can get involved:

Samaritan Foundations Commitments

To Our Donors
We commit to honoring the Donor Bill of Rights.

To Our Communities
We commit to building collaborative partnerships, keeping patient care at the center of our endeavors, and advancing the health of our communities.

To Samaritan Health Services
We commit to being passionate and innovative in our philanthropic endeavors, to partner in meeting the needs of our facilities, to raising funds with the highest level of integrity and respect, to providing exemplary customer service, and to adhering to the mission of Samaritan Health Services. 

Who We Are
We are creative, resourceful catalysts committed to matching the needs of Samaritan patients and communities with the passions of our philanthropic partners. We want to be trusted partners with our donors, communities, hospitals and clinics in order to provide the philanthropic resources needed to serve our patients with compassion and dignity. Our innovative team approach empowers us to be successful in all areas of fundraising while being open, brave and joyful.

Contact Us

Samaritan Foundations Central Office: 1-844-768-4256
Albany General Hospital Foundation (Tax ID: 93-0712890):
Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation (Tax ID: 23-7252406):
Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation (Tax ID: 93-1260080):
North Lincoln Hospital Foundation (Tax ID: 93-0867677):
Pacific Communities Health District Foundation (Tax ID: 93-0858825):

Taylor Gilmour, assistant vice president of central operations, Samaritan Foundations,
Jennifer Stanaway, executive director, Albany General Hospital Foundation, interim director, Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation,
Ursula Marinelli, executive director, Pacific Communities Health District Foundation,
Cathy Sandoval, executive director, North Lincoln Hospital Foundation,
Whitney Olsen, regional development specialist,
Christy Duncan, senior regional development specialist,
Leslie James, regional development specialist,
Heidi Howard, annual giving & database administrator,
Lisa Evans, annual giving & database specialist,
Patty Kinion, patient assistance coordinator,
Mary Landis
, grants compliance manager,
Bobby Williams
, regional development specialist,
Karla Clem
, regional development specialist,