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Background image: Steve and Jerri Tubbs enjoying the outdoors.

Partner with Us

Samaritan Health Services provides world-class health care to our communities. Maintaining local access to such exceptional care is the result of generous investments made by corporations, individuals and foundations. These caring entities recognize the value of collaborating with Samaritan Foundations to enhance the quality of life in our region.

Pictured: Steve & Jeri Tubbs, Albany & Lincoln City

Giving is Good Business

Studies show that consumers prefer companies that support local causes. Responsible corporate citizenship is healthy for business and brings many benefits, including:

  • Association of your organization with a nationally recognized regional health system and other corporate donors
  • A polished company image of caring and elevation of your profile in the community
  • Respect from employees, customers & the public
  • Support of quality health care for the community
Please contact your local foundation to discuss sponsorship opportunities and benefits, or make a donation today:

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many great opportunities throughout the year to sponsor events that help support Samaritan Foundations. Sponsorship is a great way to get your business involved in the community and help support health care in our region. For more information, please contact your local Samaritan hospital foundation.

Valley Golf Tournament

  • Time of year: May/June 2018
  • Beneficiary: Samaritan Treatment and Recovery Services & Mario Pastega House
  • Type of event: Golf tournament 
  • Number of event participants: 120, includes Samaritan executives and physicians, community and business leaders, and donors.
  • Sponsorship levels: Ranges from $500 - $10,000

Coastal Gala & Golf Tournament

  • Time of year: Aug. 25-26, 2018
  • Beneficiary: New Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital & Samaritan Early Learning Center 
  • Type of event: Gourmet dinner and wine auction held at Salishan Resort near Lincoln City on Saturday. Golf scramble on Sunday at Salishan. 
  • Number of event participants: 120, includes Samaritan executives and physicians, community and business leaders, and donors.
  • Sponsorship levels: Ranges from $500 - $10,000

Toast to Our Troops

  • Time of year: Nov. 10, 2018
  • Beneficiary: Samaritan Veterans Outreach

Pacific Communities Health District Foundation Gala

  • Time of year: Dec. 8, 2018
  • Beneficiary: Cardiac Care
  • Type of event: Bringing Newport and its surrounding communities together at the Center for Health Education to connect and contribute to programs, services and equipment, and to assure quality health care for patients.  
  • Number of event participants: 150, includes Samaritan executives and physicians, community and business leaders, and donors. 
  • Sponsorship levels: Ranges from $1,000- $5,000

Albany General Hospital Foundation Gala

  • Time of year: Jan. 2019
  • Beneficiary: InReach Services, Samaritan’s no-cost medical clinic, staffed by volunteer physicians, serving low income populations unable to afford health insurance or access to clinical care.
  • Type of event: Banquet dinner and celebration at the Albany Golf and Event Center in Albany, Oregon.
  • Number of event participants: 200, includes Samaritan executives and physicians, community and business leaders, and donors. 
  • Sponsorship levels: Ranges from $1,500 - $20,000

Samaritan Ball

  • Time of year: Feb. 2019
Help build the Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services Center in Lebanon
Samaritan Health Services is building an American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level 3.5 Substance Abuse Treatment Center for men and women in Linn County. The need for treatment in Oregon is particularly dire, which has the highest non-medical use of opioids than any other state. An ASAM Level 3.5 facility provides clinically managed, high intensity residential treatment for adults and is staffed by addiction counselors, medical personnel and mental health specialists who provide a range of services in a 24-hour treatment setting. People with co-occurring mental health issues will also be served. The center will be located near the Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital so that patients requiring medical detox can be treated in the hospital and referred to the center for follow-up residential treatment. The center will also provide outpatient services for ongoing treatment and support once residents complete the inpatient program so that they can maintain a recovery based lifestyle. The foundations at Lebanon Community Hospital, Albany General Hospital and the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center have collectively committed to raising $4 million to build this facility. 

Provide equipment and art at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport
In 2015, the Pacific Communities Health District voters approved a $57 million bond measure to replace the aging community hospital in Newport, which will be complete in the winter of 2019. Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital (SPCH) will be a 120,000 sq. ft., 25-bed facility and will continue to be owned by the District, a taxing authority with an elected board of directors. SPCH has committed to funding $10 million in furnishings and equipment, and the Pacific Communities Health District (PCHD) Foundation has committed to purchasing $1 million in art to enhance the healing environment and equipment to serve patients. The PCHD Foundation is focusing on equipment that meets one or more of the following criteria: Offers comfort without cost to the patient; provides an essential community service but doesn’t generate enough revenue to be self-supportive; and/or ensures residents can receive care in their own communities.

Support equipment, finishings and furnishings at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital in Lincoln City
In 2016, the North Lincoln Health District transferred ownership of its hospital in Lincoln City to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital (SNLH). In exchange, SNLH is committed to building a new $35 million facility by the fall of 2019 to replace its aging hospital. It will be a 50,000 square foot, 12-bed structure. The North Lincoln Hospital Foundation has committed to a $7 million campaign for purchasing equipment, finishings and furnishings for the project. 
Remodel Labor and Delivery rooms at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis
Thirteen bathrooms on the Center for Women and Families’ Labor and Delivery/Post-Partum Unit are in need of a complete renovation. These newly remodeled bathrooms will provide a more welcoming space for new families and will increase the hospital’s ability to maintain cleanliness through the state-of-the-art design and materials. In 2017, 1004 babies were born at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center. Patient satisfaction scores indicates that patients are highly satisfied with the care they are receiving, but the environment is less than desirable. The Center provides an essential service to the community. The contributions we receive from our philanthropic partners help ensure that families can continue to receive care and birth their babies in their own communities. $455,000 is needed for this important project. 

Equip the Samaritan Simulation Training Center in Corvallis
Samaritan is ushering in the era of medical and surgical skill acquisition with the new Samaritan Simulation Training Center (STC). While the traditional apprenticeship model relies on real patients and cadavers, the STC gives health care providers, residents and students real life practice with computerized simulation manikins that can be manipulated by the trainer to mimic possible patient-care scenarios. Studies show that practice using simulation-based techniques is a superior method of training compared to the apprenticeship model. Laboratory-based training offers potential benefits in the development of basic skills, such as using surgical tools and implants appropriately, achieving competency in procedures that have a steep learning curve, and assessing already acquired skills while minimizing concerns for patient safety, operating room time, and financial constraints. The STC is located in the Walnut Building in Corvallis and training with limited technology is underway. The Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation has committed to raising $1 million to fully equip the training center with da Vinci Skills Simulator, ArthroS Arthroscopy Simulator with knee and shoulder model, Guamard Birthing Simulator, Central Line Mannequin and kit, Mega Code Mannequin and kit and more.