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Hear From Those We Have Helped

Your gifts have a direct impact on patient care in your local community - from a patient receiving treatment for substance use disorder, to a patient getting the important test she needed locally, to a couple who had a “home away from home” during medical treatments.  

Samaritan Foundations has been able to contribute to the inspiring patient outcomes below thanks to donors like you.

Background image: treatment facility exterior

Treatment Program Offered What She Needed For Recovery

Addiction removes any hope you have for a future. When I was deepest in my addiction, there was no hope for me being a good mom or a good partner. No hope for going back to school or having a job. No hope for connecting with family. I had no stability. Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services (STARS) saved my life. It’s a place where I’ve learned that people are on my side and will fight for what I need.

-McKenzie, STARS patient in recovery

Inspire HOPE for patients like McKenzie with a gift to Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services through the Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation.
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Newport Hospital Saved Her Life

"I’m so impressed and grateful. It’s only been one month since my stroke. I could be going to physical therapy, but instead I was able to start a new job and move into a new home. The Emergency Department team at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital (SPCH) took quick action which made all the difference. It means the world to me.”

-Cyndee, stroke patient who received care at SPCH

Inspire HOPE for patients like Cyndee with a gift to the Pacific Communities Health District Foundation.

Background image: Pastega House 101 BGC

Pastega House Was Home Away from Home

"With all the unknowns related to COVID-19, we were in a quandary about what to do and where to go. I had heard of the Mario Pastega House and I knew it had a great reputation. It was just the answer we were looking for. It was such a relief and we didn’t feel alone anymore. Getting hit by a cancer diagnosis during a pandemic was a double-whammy. But the Mario Pastega House – filled with so much love – was there for us.”

-Donna & Larry, recent guests at the Mario Pastega House

Build community for patients and families like Donna and Larry with a gift to the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation’s Pastega House Expansion Project.
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Lincoln City MRI Test Offered Peace of Mind

"If I hadn’t had access to get an MRI in Lincoln City, I would have gotten much worse and likely would have had permanent damage caused by the tumor growing on the lining of my brain. Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital (SNLH) is very easy to navigate, and it is much less stressful to have an MRI so close to home."

-Allyson, SNLH patient who beat a brain tumor

Improve access for patients like Allyson with a gift to the North Lincoln Hospital Foundation’s MRI Project.
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InReach Services Got Her The Treatment She Needed

"When you’re sick, having all of those resources available to you is such a blessing. Without Albany InReach Services and Patient Support, I wouldn’t have been able to get my cancer treatment. I think of all the people who are selflessly donating and have no idea the impact it makes on individual patients like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Saundra, Samaritan Patient and Albany InReach Services client

Improve access for patients like Saundra with a gift to the Albany General Hospital Foundation for Albany InReach Services or Patient Support.