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Dear Friends,

As a donor to Samaritan Health Services, you are part of a powerful group — 6,000 strong — that sees the value in supporting local health care through the Albany General Hospital Foundation, Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation, North Lincoln Hospital Foundation and Pacific Communities Health District Foundation.

Please enjoy just a few examples in this report of the ways your contributions have helped others. Each and every gift has a special story and makes a profound impactThank you!

See The Difference You Made

We invite you to take a moment to learn about some of the featured projects that were supported across Samaritan’s five communities by donors like you.

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Your Donations Help Support Our Core Values

Samaritan Foundations fund projects and initiatives that help build healthier communities in support of Samaritan Health Services’ core values of passion, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence. Together, we serve the local communities with PRIDE in pursuit of high-quality health care close to home.

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Improving Patient Care Through Strategic Priorities

The donors that support Samaritan Foundations do so in alignment with Samaritan Health Services’ organizational priorities: quality & service excellence, employee engagement, community partnership and sustainability. The projects and initiatives funded by community donors support the important work our health care providers do each and every day to highlight these commitments.

About Samaritan Foundations

We invite you to learn about Samaritan Foundations’ current fundraising campaigns, including how you can play an important role in supporting health care services in our region:

Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services

New Hospital Project - Newport

New Hospital Project - Lincoln City

Our Directors and Trustees play an important role in helping guide each local foundation to raise and allocate funds to improve the health of our local communities.

Jim Decker, Chair 
Joe Hawes, Vice Chair
Heather McGowan, CPA, Secretary/Treasurer
Dell Alexander, Director
Brenda Burch, Director
Kimberly Christensen, CRA, Director
Michael Cowgill, Director
Mary Gray, Director
Barbara Hansen, Director
Chris Hanson, Director
Holly Hood, Director
John Jenks, Director
Charles Mouradian, Past Chair
Perry Ordeman, Director
Dick Running, CPA, Director

Ryan Sparks, DMD, President
Greg Goracke, Vice President
Carol Lee Woodstock, Past President
Steve Uerlings, Treasurer
Maddie Thompson, Secretary
Pete Barnhisel, Trustee
Tammy Bray, PhD, Trustee
Katie Chambers, Trustee
Gloria Chaves, Trustee
Kay Dawson, Trustee
Ed Easterling, Trustee
Kelly Gallagher, Trustee
Kathy Heath, Trustee
Michael Huntington, MD, Trustee
Aaron Manley, Trustee
Ron Marek, Trustee
Tom Marker, MD, Trustee
Bill Mercer, Trustee
Ken Pastega, Trustee
James Ramseyer, Trustee
Bond Starker, Trustee
Ron Stevens, Trustee, Trustee
Stacie Wyss-Schoenborn, Trustee

Joanne Nelson, President
Debbie Paul, Vice President 
Steve Hanscam, CPA, Treasurer
Bill Rauch, CPA, Past President
Bob Adams, Trustee
Linn Armstrong, Trustee
Linda Bahrke, Trustee
Maxine Bailey, RN, Trustee
Al Barrios, Trustee
Marda Blem, RN, Trustee
Louise Crittenden, Trustee
John Dinges, Trustee
Charlie Eads, Trustee
Shelly Garrett, Trustee
Lori Hill, Secretary
Jan Hull, Trustee
Kristin Hyde, Trustee
Jessica Meyer, Trustee
Mike Patterson, Trustee
Sue Spiker, Trustee
Richard Triska, Trustee
Aida Van den Bos, Trustee
Brian Vandetta, Trustee
Robert Wimmer, MD, Trustee

Duane Silbernagel, President
Michael Cheek, MD, Vice President
CeCe Buggenhagen, Secretary
Mark Nicholson, Treasurer
Ann Butler, Past President
Kitty Bushman, Ex-Officio Trustee
Lesley Ogden, MD, Ex-Officio Trustee
Bettye Ruth Gamester, Trustee
Charlotte Lehto, Trustee
Zach Poole, Trustee
Dennis Regen, Trustee
Linda Roy, Trustee
Marilyn Salci, Trustee
Mark Sanders, Trustee
Chad Ulrich, Trustee
Charlene Vandervelden, Trustee
Wendy Wilson, Trustee
Serena Wohlwend, Trustee

Nancy Stevens, President
Aimee Thompson, Vice President
Kathleen Grady, Past President
Laurie Ferris, Treasurer
Lalori Lager, Secretary
Kathryn Doksum, Ex-Officio Trustee
Lesley Ogden, MD, Ex-Officio Trustee
Fred Postlewait, Ex-Officio Trustee
John Baker, PhD, Trustee
Julia Carlson, Trustee
Doug Chadwick, DMD, Trustee
Brian Haggerty, Trustee
Scarlett Kier, Trustee
David Larsen, MD, Trustee
Diane Mattson, Trustee
Tim Miller, Trustee
George Plant, Trustee
Jackie Stankey, RN, Trustee
Tiana Tucker, EdD, Trustee
Matt Updenkelder, Trustee
Kathy Windell, Trustee
Julia Carlson, Trustee
Vicki Meyer, Trustee

Share Your Feedback

While you are here, please take a few moments to complete a brief donor survey. Your feedback is valuable in helping us determine how to best meet the needs of our donors and we greatly appreciate it!