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Background image: Womens Giving Circle

In Support of: Passion

The mission of the Pacific Communities Health District Foundation’s Women’s Giving Circle is to help make life a little easier for women and children in the Newport and surrounding communities within the scope of patient care at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital.

Over this past year, the Women’s Giving Circle helped support three families during the loss of their infants with cremation or memorial items, supported two local women’s participation in the medical assisting program at Oregon Coast Community College, contributed to the purchase of an infant warmer for the new hospital, helped secure transportation to medical appointments and more.
Pictured: Women’s Giving Circle members Fran Mathews (left) and Carey Collard (right).
Background image: Sarahs Place

In Support of: Respect

Sarah’s Place is a regional sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) center created to provide a safe place for victims to receive resources and care. Sarah’s Place is open to patients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in a secure, private area of Samaritan Albany General Hospital. With support from the Albany General Hospital Foundation and other community partners, the SANE center provides immediate medical treatment to patients who have experienced sexual assault. Additional counseling and patient support is also available.

Over the past year, Sarah’s Place staff have spread the word about their services by attending community health fairs, talking to local organizations and educating high school students. With the support of Samaritan Foundations, they have been able to purchase critical equipment, like trauma bags, digital cameras and a stretcher, and receive continuing education for staff to be able to provide the best possible care for patients.

Pictured: Sarah’s Place staff (left to right), Patti Kenyon, De Lisa Smith, Trisha Kosaka, Amie Keys, Rebecca Moyes, Tasha Mosbrucker.

Background image: Father Reading to Sons

In Support of: Integrity

The Reach Out and Read Program at Samaritan Lebanon Health Center – Pediatrics uses funds from the Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation to provide books to children at their annual well-child check-up. For some of their patients, these are the only books they have at home. The program aims to help kids develop a passion for reading at an early age and learn the skills necessary to thrive in school. Reach Out and Read recognizes that pediatric providers have the greatest access to families with children in the early years, and that they can be powerful advocates to help children get access to books and the literacy resources they need to be successful.

Pictured: Robert Michael, MD, who is a champion of the Reach Out and Read program at Samaritan Lebanon Health Center - Pediatrics, reads to his two sons.

Background image: Home Health workers

In Support of: Dedication

Samaritan Supportive Services helps patients and families across Samaritan’s service area get specialized medical care for serious illnesses. This care is focused on improving quality of life for patients and their caregivers by providing relief from symptoms, pain and stress. The program includes a wide range of health care providers, from doctors to social workers, who provide an extra layer of care. 

Over the past year, Samaritan Supportive Services has expanded their services in a variety of ways. As they did so, they found a gap in their ability to accurately respond to their patients’ changing symptoms in a timely fashion. With the help of the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, Samaritan Supportive Services is piloting a new tool called TapCloud. TapCloud is an electronic platform that helps simplify complex care plans for patients and helps providers coordinate care on an ongoing basis. This app allows the medical staff to see updates on patients and identify who needs help in real time.
Pictured: Samaritan Supportive Services staff (left to right) Thomas Steele, MD, Maura Casad and Marty Surface, MD.
Background image: Nurse With Surgical Equipment

In Support of: Excellence

With funding from the North Lincoln Hospital Foundation, Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital was able to purchase a Digital Cystoscope and Olympus handheld video camera. The Digital Cystoscope allows clinical staff to visualize the bladder during cystoscopies, stent placements and bladder biopsies. The small handheld camera attaches to a scope that is used to help visualize the body for many different procedures, including an arthroscopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and cystoscopy. 

Prior to the recent purchase, the hospital staff only had one of each piece of equipment, which made scheduling difficult and limited the number of patients they could see. With the additional Digital Cystoscope and handheld camera, they are able to see more patients each day, which improves patient care and experience.

Pictured: Krista Karn, operating room technician at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital, showcasing the equipment purchased with foundation support.