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Background Image: Lincoln City Patient and Son

Kimber Silbernagel was 16 weeks pregnant with her second son, Liam, when she started experiencing unusual abdominal pain. Concerned about the safety of her pregnancy, she and her obstetrician, Meredith Mann, DO, decided she needed to go to the emergency department at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital.

The emergency department staff had limited options to diagnose what might be causing Silbernagel’s pain due to her pregnancy. Rather than the traditional CT scan that might be called for in this situation, the staff used their expertise and information from Silbernagel to determine the best plan of treatment.

“The team in the emergency department was great,” Silbernagel recalls. “They included me in the discussion about all my options and their priority was to protect both me and Liam.”

They came to the conclusion that Silbernagel had acute appendicitis. She had a successful appendectomy that night and recovered in the hospital the next day.

“It was a scary situation,” she said. “Pregnancy can already be scary, which is why I really appreciated them taking my concerns seriously at the beginning and walking me through everything.”

Now, Liam is 18 months old and the perfect addition to the family with his adventurous personality. Silbernagel is grateful to have emergency care she can depend on to keep her family safe and healthy.

“Even though we live in a small town, it never even crossed my mind to think about transferring to a bigger hospital,” she said. “I am so confident in our doctors and hospital staff here.”