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Background image: Doctor Using Training Equipment

In Support of: Quality & Service Excellence

Samaritan Foundations play a big role in supporting simulation training programs offered by Samaritan’s Professional Development department by purchasing equipment, including multiple types of manikins, a 3D printer and a cardiac rhythm simulator. Trainers with these programs utilize the simulation equipment to teach nurses, medical students, resident physicians, community organizations and high school students. 

Samaritan’s new Simulation Training Center in Corvallis recently acquired the necessary simulation models and equipment through funding from the foundations that allows physician faculty to provide state-of-the-art education to residents and medical students in Samaritan’s Graduate Medical Education program, which gives them the ability to provide high-quality health care locally. Over the last year, the Simulation Training Center has opened its doors for educational events and skills labs including stitching, soldering and fractures. The Simulation Training Center and program has plans to expand and grow, and the foundations will continue to support this important project.

“The support from the Samaritan Foundations to help fund the simulation lab is monumental,” said Jun Kim, DO, orthopedic surgery resident. “The lab will provide a vital tool for residents to practice and hone their skills, which will ultimately place them in a position where they can provide the best care for patients as they get into practice.”

Pictured: Donald Pennington, DO, Samaritan Athletic Medicine, practices his surgical skills on device purchased with the support of Samaritan Foundations.

Background image: Healthy Heroes Class

In Support of: Community Partnership

The Healthy Heroes program at Samaritan Pediatrics offers high-risk pediatric patients an opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyles. The five-week class includes 30 minutes of supervised activity led by a SamFit personal trainer, followed by an educational session where they learn about nutrition, the My Plate Program, positive behavior and social support.

“We would not have been able to support the Healthy Heroes program for our community without assistance from the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, who generously helped fund these programs over the past two years,” said Megan Van Fleet, Samaritan Pediatrics manager. “We are able to provide education, multi-disciplinary support and most importantly, a positive and safe environment for children and families in our community to learn how to make and create healthier choices through nutrition and movement.”

Pictured: A Healthy Heroes participant at Samaritan Pediatrics learns a new exercise to help her stay healthy.

Background image: Cancer Resource Center Employees

In Support of: Sustainability

The Samaritan Cancer Program continues to offer a nutrition series for cancer survivors with the support from all five Samaritan Foundations called “That’s My Farmer.” The eight-week class takes place at Samaritan-affiliated locations and local farmers markets and teaches healthy shopping, eating locally, using supplements and the impact of fresh, wholesome foods. As of 2017, That’s My Farmer has served 323 cancer patients in the mid-Willamette Valley. 

“Our goal is to provide research-based education to cancer patients that is centered around nutrition and wellness but also touches on exercise and mental health — all aspects of survivorship,” said Jessica Davis, a dietitian at Samaritan Albany General Hospital who created the series.

Pictured: Samaritan Cancer Resource Center staff (left to right) Alex Edmonds, Stephanie Hagerty and Liz Newman collect plant starts for That’s My Farmer participants.

Background image: Employees

In Support of: Employee Engagement

Samaritan’s 6,000 employees are actively involved in improving the health of our local communities, including their impressive participation in the annual Samaritan Employee Caring Campaign. This past year, employees across the system donated more than $610,000 to Samaritan Foundations to help support health care in our region.

“The amazing benefit of working at Samaritan is that we have 6,000 colleagues driven by our mission and worthwhile purpose,” said Doug Boysen, President and CEO of Samaritan Health Services. “Their passion and dedication is shown every day by the way we treat our patients, members, community partners and colleagues. It is also shown every year through the Samaritan Employee Caring Campaign. I am so grateful for the generosity of our employees and am proud to work alongside them.”
Pictured: (Left to right) Jennifer Stanaway, Albany General Hospital Foundation Executive Director, and Lonnie Owens-Wink, Employee Relations Generalist at Samaritan Albany General Hospital, pair up to visit departments during the Samaritan Employee Caring Campaign.