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Join Us in Building Healthier Communities Together

Stronger Together is a unique campaign, focusing on local and regional initiatives of the five site‑based Samaritan Foundations, in alignment with Samaritan Health Services’ strategic priorities of quality & service excellence, employee engagement, community partnership and sustainability. 

Philanthropy is more important than ever to address the social determinants of health throughout the stages of life. Our priority is to support initiatives that don’t generate revenue, rather they support our mission in action. With this campaign, we want to:

  • Unite community partners at all levels, and welcome new support through inclusive outreach.
  • Provide a menu of priority projects and initiatives that address the most pressing needs locally and regionally.
  • Feature population health initiatives to address the social determinants of health.

Our Goal Is to Raise $35 Million Together by 2025

Samaritan’s five site-based foundations will contribute toward the Stronger Together campaign in a shared commitment toward the health care needs of all people in Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties.

Albany: $5 million    Corvallis: $15 million    Lebanon: $5 million    Lincoln City: $5 million    Newport: $5 million

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Improving Access

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Building Community

  • Samaritan Evergreen Hospice: Provides comforting care during the final days of a patient’s life and support for family members during and after their passing.

  • Reach Out and Read Program: Provides each child a new book to take home during Well-Child visits.

  • Care Hub: Provides care and coordination services for vulnerable patients to reduce medical and social barriers to care.

  • ArtsCare: Provides specially trained local artists and musicians for workshops and music for patients as well as artwork for public spaces.
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Inspiring Hope

  • Sarah’s PlaceProvides a safe place for survivors of sexual assault to receive resources and care.

  • Samaritan Treatment & Recovery ServicesSupports intensive outpatient treatment and residential treatment for underinsured patients.

  • Patient SupportHelps the uninsured and underinsured pay their health care costs.

  • Equipment: Funds additional equipment that exceeds Samaritan’s budgets.
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Leaving a Legacy

  • Endowments: Sustaining health care programs and healing environments for generations to come.

  • ScholarshipsInspiring, empowering and growing health care workforce talent.

  • ResearchProviding patients access to novel therapies, supporting development of workforce research skills, building a culture of evidence to help Samaritan grow as a learning health system, and engaging external partners on nationally competitive research projects.

Join the Stronger Together Campaign

Our mission is to improve access, build community, inspire hope and leave a legacy for individual and community health across Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties. Become a contributor to the Stronger Together campaign today!

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