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Background image: Health care professional preparing scanning equipment.

Who This Serves:  600 oncology patients and 5,000 women per year.

What:  Replacement of equipment with state-of-the-art technology and additional imaging technology:

  • Ultrasound machine — non-invasive imaging technology used to detect breast abnormalities. ($400,000)
  • Tomographic mammography machine — additional unit will substantially decrease wait times. ($425,000)
  • Breast specimen machine – specialized technology for the immediate verification of excised breast tissue. ($161,000)

Where:  Breast Imaging Center – Neville Building, Corvallis, Oregon.

When:  2022.


  • This new equipment will allow for quicker scheduling of mammograms at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center.
  • The specialized equipment will also offer local access to the best cancer care in our region.

Campaign Goal:  $986,000.

Lead Foundation:  Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation.


“Early detection saves lives. With new modern technology we will be able to more accurately detect cancers at an earlier stage and aggressively treat the cancer affecting patients. Additional units and better technology will open up access to our patients to get in sooner. Patients express the worst part is waiting to get an appointment.”

~Danielle Bertoni, MD