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Background image: A smiling new mom holds her baby as dad smiles beside them.


Who This Serves:  Expectant mothers and their families in east Linn County.

What:  A significant upgrade and modernization of current birth center and an 8,000‑square‑foot addition with more birthing rooms and a new operating room for medically necessary C‑sections.

Where:  Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital.

When:  The remodeling phase is planned for late 2022, with construction of a new addition in 2023.

Why:  Lebanon’s birth center is the oldest in the Samaritan system. The renovation and expansion will provide an enhanced birthing experience for families and improve outcomes for high‑risk pregnancies.

Campaign Goal:  $2 million.

Lead Foundation:  Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation.



“Pregnancy and childbirth can be scary because it is an experience that can have so many different outcomes. It was nice to have a caring, helpful team providing us with information and options throughout the experience.”

~Stephanie Reynold, Grateful Patient