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Background image: A little boy ina mask looks up at his health care provider during an appointment.


Who:  Reach Out and Read supports our youngest patients, from birth to 5 years, and their families.

What:  Pediatricians start each visit by giving children a new book to take home, discussing with caregivers the benefits of reading, and modeling positive reading interactions with their children.

When:  Well‑child visits.

Where:  Currently in Albany, Corvallis and Lebanon and expanding to Newport and Lincoln City.


  • Improves language ability in young children.
  • Increases likelihood that families will attend well‑child checkups, resulting in more children receiving vaccinations on schedule.
  • Reduces maternal depression, particularly among young, single mothers.
  • Lessens stress and reduces burnout among pediatric clinicians.

Campaign Goal:  $150,000.

Lead Foundations:  All Samaritan foundations.


“By giving every young child a foundation for success, we strengthen our society and help combat the effects of income inequality.”



A woman in a wheelchair holding hands with a man who is standing.

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