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Addiction Medicine

Planning continues for a new residential substance abuse treatment and recovery center in the mid-Willamette Valley.

Site work began this spring at the corner of Highways 34 and 20 in Lebanon, the future location of Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services (STAR).

When the 16-bed facility opens, it will be the first co-ed residential facility in the area. The two-story building will include program and individual therapy space, a kitchen and separate residential areas for men and women. Samaritan Treatment & Recovery is open to anyone with a substance addiction.

Please return often, as this page will be updated regularly as new information is available.

Background image: A middle-aged couple in distress.

Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Dependency

An estimated 25,000 people in Samaritan’s service area suffer from substance addiction, according to the U.S. Substance and Mental Health Services Administration. Of those, only 10 percent will seek treatment. 

Samaritan is helping to address the need for treatment and recovery services in the mid-Valley. 

Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services is open to anyone needing alcohol or drug rehabilitation. A personalized program and intensive treatment is available based on individual needs.

Recognizing that dependence is a chronic disease, treatment will consist of one-on-one therapy, group counseling, family education, peer support and case management. Patients will stay as long as they need to complete their treatment so they can return to their lives strongly engaged in their family and their community. 

The center is partnering with local health care providers, public and private agencies, community organizations and the 12-step community to help patients once they complete treatment.