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Background image: Jeanette smiling at the beach, on a sunny day in Newport.

Jeanette Campagna, Breast Cancer Survivor

“Never take life for granted — you only have one!” said Jeanette Campagna, 57, of Florence.

Following a routine mammogram in November 2019, Campagna was diagnosed with clinical stage 1 estrogen positive breast cancer, an invasive ductal carcinoma.

Further biopsy determined that three of the four tumors in various quadrants of the breast were positive, leaving Campagna with only one option, a total left breast mastectomy.

Despite the trying circumstances Campagna faced in her cancer journey, she is now approaching three years of survivorship and proudly celebrates being cancer-free.

Background image: Sonia laughing while sitting outside at local Newport restaurant.

Sonia Graham, Breast Cancer Survivor

You have cancer, cancer doesn’t have you!” said Sonia Graham, 55, of Newport.

A large lump in her left breast was discovered during a routine self-exam. After a mammogram and further testing, in March 2020, Graham was diagnosed with clinical stage 2 left breast cancer, an invasive lobular cancer that had metastasized to the lymph node.

Graham underwent 16 rounds of chemotherapy to help shrink the tumor, followed by a lumpectomy and then a complete lymph node dissection.

When cancer was still detected during a follow-up biopsy, radiation therapy — 33 rounds — was the next recommended course of treatment.

Today, Graham is now well into remission and approaching two years of survivorship.

Building Hope Together

Read more about Jeanette and Sonia’s fight against breast cancer, and how their shared experience brought them together to help women with this diagnosis.

Concerned about the cost related to breast cancer screenings? Contact a Samaritan Cancer Resource Center to learn about financial assistance options. 

541-768-2171 or 541-812-5888