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Background image: A patient and her doctor sharing a light moment.

Get Support to Reach Your Goals

Behavioral health consultants work closely with you and your health team so that you can meet your goals for a healthier life. We can help you find solutions to doing things for your health including checking your blood sugars, getting to sleep easier and faster, losing weight, dealing with a medical diagnosis, stopping smoking, and getting strategies to feel less stressed. We can help communicate with your doctors and support you in finding the best way to achieve your health goals.

Making an Appointment with a Behavioral Health Consultant

Behavioral health consultants are available at Samaritan’s primary and urgent care/walk-in clinics. They are also available at some specialty clinics, including endocrinology, athletic medicine, addiction medicine, weight management and OB/GYN.

To make an appointment with a behavioral health consultant, please contact your primary care clinic or any of the specialty clinics you may be seen at that are listed above.