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Background image: A woman pulling the handle of the rowing machine that she is exercising on.

What’s Unique About SamFit?

At our SamFit locations you’ll find:

  • Anyone can join. You do not need to be a Samaritan employee or Samaritan Health Plan holder to join!
  • Gym access 24/7, 365 days per year in a safe, secure environment.
  • Every facility is equipped with the latest exercise equipment.
  • Regular fitness and health education classes.
  • Staffed by highly trained health and fitness experts.
  • No annual contracts or enrollment fees.
  • Discount for business and family gym memberships.

Health First. Gym Second.

SamFit, located in Albany, Corvallis and Lebanon, Oregon, are the first gyms of their kind to truly put your health first. We believe that fitness is only one of the many factors that contribute to your overall health improvement. And we’re here to help you improve each aspect of your health - physical fitness, nutrition and beyond.

Background Image: older physical therapy patient
Background image: The SAM running clinic

Exceptional Trainers, Outstanding Results

The sports performance center at Samaritan Athletic Medicine is home to top trainers, coaches and therapists who operate individual and group programs for football, basketball, volleyball, golf, baseball/softball and running, as well as injury prevention and returning to sport following an injury. We use advanced motion analysis and strength equipment, specialized lifting platforms, and multiple playing surfaces to help athletes from a range of sports achieve their peak performance level.

You can achieve your top performance when you train next door to the Oregon State Beavers with our top-of-the-line fitness equipment to build strength, stamina and agility, and improve balance, flexibility and stability.