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Background image: A woodworker concentrating on his project.

Peace of Mind

Ask-A-Nurse 24-7 will benefit your business and your employees in many ways.

Employees will appreciate:
• Expert medical advice, anytime, day or night
• Guidance on self-care or appropriate level of health
care (clinic, urgent care, ED)
• Avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office,
urgent care or ED
• Bilingual (Spanish and English) services available
• Overall increased job satisfaction

Managers and business owners can rely on:
• Reduction of workers’ compensation costs
• Reduction of OSHA recordable rates
• Increased productivity
• Improved risk management
• No need to give medical advice to staff
• Detailed reports of each call, including incident

Our Ask-A-Nurse 24-7 program is supervised by board-certified physicians and accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission to ensure the highest quality of service. Our stringent quality assurance program means all quality standards are met and exceeded.

For more information, call 541-812-5600, choose option 3; or contact us here.