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Physical Therapy


Sports and Orthopedic Rehab X X X X X
Neurological and Stroke Rehab  X
  X X X
Balance and Dizziness Rehab X  X   X   X
Pelvic Floor Rehab and Continence Therapy   X     X  
Spinal Therapy X   X X X
Lymphedema Therapy   X    
Mastitis Treatment  
Aquatic Therapy   X      
Custom Orthotics    X     X  
Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization   X       X
Total Joint Replacement Therapy X  X X X X X
Occupational Therapy  
Adaptive Equipment and Self-Care Assessment X   X X X X
Safe Driving Evaluation X      
Work Related Injury Prevention and Rehab X   X   X
Hand Therapy and Custom Splinting   X X
Myopathic Muscular Therapy              
Wheelchair Evaluation X   X      
Community and Workplace Reintegration     X            
SANET Vision Therapy                
Speech Therapy                  
Swallowing Therapy         X X
Cognitive Therapy         X  
Voice Therapy X   X   X    
Lee Silverman Voice Therapy X          
Aphasia Evaluation and Treatment X   X       X
Dysarthria Evaluation and Treatment X   X       X
Assistive Communication Device Evaluation and Training        
Vocal Chord Dysfunction Evaluation and Treatment    X      
Modified Barium Swallow Studies X    X          
Autism Speech Therapy
Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing X