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Where to Go for Care

When you need health care right away, and can’t get in or don’t have time for a visit to your doctor’s office, Samaritan offers choices.

MyChart E-Visits are quick online appointments that connect you with a Samaritan provider, using your computer or smartphone. E-Visits are fast, secure and convenient if you need care for a non-urgent medical condition. You must be signed up for MyChart to do an E-Visit.

SamCare Express in Corvallis and Albany offer same-day treatment, by appointment, for a variety of minor illnesses and injuries. Call for a time that’s convenient for you (online scheduling is not available at this time). Walk-ins will be scheduled for the next available appointment. The main difference between SamCare Express and an urgent care walk-in clinic is that they do not offer X-rays.  

Samaritan Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinics care for acute medical conditions that require immediate attention but are not considered life-threatening or severe enough for the hospital emergency department. Urgent care clinics have X-ray and laboratories on-site, for broken bones and other pressing health concerns.

Emergency Departments are located at each of Samaritan’s five hospitals in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Lincoln City and Newport. When you have a serious illness or injury that may be life threatening, you need to go to the Emergency Department, and in many cases, you should call 911, rather than drive yourself or your loved one there.

Each situation is unique, but the chart below will help you decide where you should go for different kinds of care, should you need it. Stay well!


Where Should I Go for Care?

  E-Visits SamCare Express Urgent Care Emergency Department


x x
Sinus Problems x x x
Bronchitis x x x
Back Pain x x x
Cold Sore x x x
Constipation/Diarrhea x x x
Heartburn x x x
Rash/Poison Oak x x x
Minor Burns/Sunburns x x x
Pink Eye x x x
Urinary Tract Infections x x x
Sore Throat x x x
Shingles x x x
x x
Minor Infections
x x
Small Cuts   x x  
Sports Physicals   x x  
Minor Broken Bones (Skin Intact)     x  
Acne x      
Contraception x      
Insomnia x      
Smoking Cessation x      
Snoring x      
Chest Pain/Heart Attack Symptoms       x
Stroke Symptoms       x
Severe Abdominal Pain       x
Head Injury, Loss of Consciousness       x
Altered Mental State       x
Seizures       x
Coughing/Vomiting Blood       x
Difficulty Breathing       x
Large Open Wounds, Uncontrolled Bleeding       x
Major Burns/Major Broken Bones       x
Spinal Injuries       x