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Background image: An elderly mother with her adult daughter selecting apples at the farmers market.

Listen to Your Body

When you pay attention to your body, you are more in tune with your health and wellbeing. You know your own body best, and its signals are keys to feeling good and living fully. 

  • Tune in to what your body needs – hydration, nutrition, exercise, rest. Focus on the signals your body gives you to understand what you can do for healing and growth. 
  • Don’t ignore pain, especially new or unexpected pain.
  • Don’t assume bodily changes are just part of normal aging. 
  • Know that many have gone through similar experiences and that help is available and effective. 
You listen to your body, and the obstetrics and gynecology providers of Samaritan Health Services listen to you to provide care, healing and support. 
Let us be your partners as you listen to your body to help fulfil your health and life goals.