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A young woman holding her mother and kissing her on her forehead.

Thinking about serious illness and end of life issues can be frightening. When a health crisis occurs, people may find themselves in a difficult situation for which they and their families are unprepared. 

Who would make decisions about your medical care if you were too ill or injured to make decisions for yourself? Do your loved ones know what kind of care you might want, or what you might wish to avoid?

Lack of advance medical planning can lead to additional stress for family members who may have to make decisions with little information to guide them.

Upon request, Chaplain Wes Sedlacek of Samaritan Albany General Hospital and Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital is happy to speak to community groups about advance medical planning. 

Topics that Chaplain Sedlacek will cover include:

  • Appointing a health care representative
  • Completing an advance directive or living will
  • Filling out a Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form

For more information, call: 541-812-4184 or 541-451-7129.