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Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital

  • Friday, September 27, 2019, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
    3043 NE 28th St, Lincoln City | Room: Education Conference Room
    Registration required
Group of people listening to an instructor.

Take control of your kidney health. Attend a no-cost Kidney Smart® class and get your questions answered by certified kidney care educators:

  • What causes chronic kidney disease (CKD) and how can it be delayed?
  • What is a kidney-friendly diet and what information is available to help make the right food choices at home and while dining out?
  • What actions can be taken to lower blood pressure, manage blood sugar and make simple lifestyle changes?
  • How can medication management help lead to better kidney health?
  • How does continuing to work and having insurance coverage help with quality of life?
  • What treatment options are available that can fit a variety of work and lifestyle needs (including dialysis performed during the day or night, at home or in a clinic)?
  • How does the transplant process work, who can receive this treatment and how may it lead to better health.

Can loved ones attend these classes as well?

  • Yes. We encourage anyone in your life who is interested in supporting your kidney health journey to take a class and ask questions.