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Samaritan Solutions Institute - Supplier Summit


Boulder Falls Center

  • 11/2/2016 to 11/3/2016 - 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    605 Mullins Drive, Lebanon
  • Price: $1,800

Samaritan Solutions Institute is proud to present the 2016 Suppliers Summit. This two day summit will be lead by Samaritan Health Services’ President and CEO, Dr. Larry Mullins, along with several other senior executives from his team. The summit covers current issues facing health care, the thought process behind how and why health care executives make purchasing decisions, the budgeting and acquisition process, competing interests and valuable insight from industry leaders on what affects them most in the health care industry. You will have the unique opportunity to discuss the challenges most important to your company, learn how to dialogue at the decision making level and network with other industry experts in a learning environment.

At the Supplier Summit the following topics will be covered:

  • Health Care Crucible
  • Budgeting and Supply Chain Process
  • HIPAA and Compliance
  • Cyber Security and Secure Messaging
  • Corporate Offices and Regional Center Tour
  • Oregon State University Campus and Samaritan Athletic Medicine Tour
  • Impact of Pharmaceuticals on Health Care
  • Operating Room Challenges – The OR of Tomorrow
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Emergency Care, Urgent Care, Primary Care – Using The Right Service At The Right Time
  • Population Health
  • Virtual Medicine and Technology – Beam Me Up Scotty!
  • Networking Socials with Special Guest Speakers

For more information, call 541-768-1443.