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Reimer Conference Room at Samaritan Albany General Hospital

  • Sunday, August 13, 2023, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
    1085 SW 6th Avenue, Albany
    Registration required
  • FREE
Pregnant mom sitting on couch with young son and daughter touching her belly

Enjoy an entertaining and educational video produced by INJOY, featuring fictional characters doctor Samuel Higabigaby along with Roo the Super Computer and several super siblings.

The video will be used to explain to kids what their new sibling will look like, how to hold and talk to baby, what baby eats, how to be a helper, new feelings, along with hands on activities to help make becoming a sibling fun.

Each sibling will receive an activity book and a Super Sibling Diploma.

Participants will have the opportunity to tour the labor and delivery unit at the end of the class!

Target audience is children ages 3-7 who are expecting a new baby in the family.

Contact Maternity Care Coordinator Amy Bliege at 541-812-4301 or Pollywog at 541-917-4884 or for more information or to register.