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Jenny Gaillardet, PT SHS Affiliate


Physical Therapy
Medical Education: University of Puget Sound
Medical Staff Status:
Samaritan Provider
Accepting New Patients:
Clinical Interests:
Urinary Incontinence, Manual Therapy
Jenny has been a physical therapist in Lebanon since 1996 and is board certified in pelvic floor therapy and as an orthopedic clinical specialist. Her expertise is in manual therapy that incorporates osteopathic techniques, soft tissue and joint mobilization and neuromuscular re-education in order to focus on function. She also treats difficult diagnoses such as complications with scar tissue, lower back and pelvis, ribs, head and headaches. Her focus is on getting patients to move automatically with their core first with efficient posture to prevent their injury from occurring again.  Since 2000, Jenny has also specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation for both men and women.

Jenny is married and has two grown daughters.  She has traveled extensively across the United States and internationally. She lived in Japan for a year as an exchange student and still remembers some Japanese.  Besides traveling, she enjoys camping, cycling, hiking, and reading.  Jenny shows her creativity in the kitchen where she likes to try new recipes and bake healthy ingredients.  She likes to tell her patients that she practices what she preaches by living a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh, whole foods, getting a good night’s sleep and exercising daily.