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Our Billing Process
What to Expect

Step 1

Icon of a doctor with a stethoscope

You receive medical care at a Samaritan Health Services hospital or clinic.

Step 2

Icon of a check and a pen

Insurance is billed.

Step 3

Icon of a checklist on a clipboard

You receive a billing summary and notification that insurance has been billed.

Step 4

Icon of a calendar

Insurance pays (usually within 60 days). If insurance pays all charges, you will not receive any further communication from us.

Step 5

Icon of a pie chart

Remaining charges are billed to you.

Step 6

30 days

Please pay in full within 30 days or contact us to set up a payment plan.

Still Have Questions?

It is our goal for bills to be easy to read and understand. If you have questions about your bill, please call the Regional Business Office at:
541-768-4392 or 1-800-640-5339.