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Follow Us on Social Media & Submit Content for a Social Media Post

Employees are encouraged to submit photos and videos to be considered for social media content! 


  • Images and content must be work-related, family friendly, of acceptable quality (for example, not blurry) and in good taste.
  • Be respectful of co-workers and make sure they know you are submitting the image(s).
  • Patients should not be in the photos. Protect patient privacy by making sure patients are not in the background, computer screens aren’t displayed and paperwork isn’t exposed.
  • Marketing will review and refrain from posting any content that does not meet these guidelines.

Picture Taking Tips

  • Take a horizontal picture.
  • Remove name badges if possible.
  • Don’t zoom in too much.
  • Be aware of the background in your image.
  • Have fun and show us your personality!


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